• Uniting the South African Construction Industry


Construction Alliance South Africa (CASA) is pleased to announce its victory at the Big 5 Southern Africa Construction Impact Awards, where it was honoured with the “Industry Partner of the Year Award”. The award was presented during a spectacular event held at the Gallagher Convention Center in Johannesburg on 27 June 2023.

The Big 5 Southern Africa Construction Impact Awards is a distinguished platform that celebrates remarkable achievements in sustainable development, digital advancement, and transformative practices in the construction industry. The aim of the awards is to stimulate progress and innovation in the South African construction sector.

Born under the perilous circumstances of the COVID crisis, Construction Alliance South Africa (CASA) had, at the time, to negotiate unknown territory. First known as the Construction COVID-19 Rapid Response Task Team, it was a unique, voluntary construction industry collaboration of organisations across the sector, striving to operate in a time of deep crisis.

CASA demonstrated for the first time in South Africa that a task team could be established to provide a collective construction industry response to the shut-down of all industries imposed by the regulations of the Disaster Management Act of 2002.

Construction Alliance South Africa is a remarkable initiative which united the construction industry under one umbrella body comprising around 39 professional, contractor, supplier, manufacturer and other allied industry bodies – essentially the construction value chain.

Chairman John Matthews, who accepted the award on behalf of CASA, says the need for unity in the sector is vital. He is on record as saying: “We are not only confronted with the enormous challenge of rebuilding the construction industry but also to make it more inclusive, transformed, innovative and competitive. The Alliance also unifies and amplifies the voice of the industry and broadens the

channel of communication with government, particularly at this time when construction is taking the lead in the economic recovery of South Africa.”

CASA is delighted to receive such an accolade during the early years of its formation. CASA remains steadfast in representing the collective views of all construction stakeholders as it strives to expand the construction industry.

For enquiries, please contact:  

John Matthews

Chairperson and Spokesperson

Cell: 082 320 2083