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Newsletter – June 2024

General News 

CASA (Construction Alliance of South Africa)

e-CCN is proud to support CASA (Construction Alliance of South Africa). This is an umbrella organisation that represents the industry to Government of which Contracts On-Demand (Pty) Ltd is a member. You can obtain further information by accessing their website at www.constructionalliancesa.org.za

e-CLOUD Construction Network® (e-CCN)

New e-CCN Service

In order to provide our Contract / Agreement Document Access Services users with additional value we have introduced a new free Service for you called ‘New Projects’. This Service provides companies taking promotional A4 Interactive Pages in the JBCC, PROCSA, CESA and NEC documents with a facility to place photos of their recent Projects undertaken. 

 Interested companies are asked to contact
Thinus Lindeque on 010 010 7588 / thinus@e-cloud.co.za

Calling on new e-CCN Channel Content Providers

e-CCN is taking on new “Channel Content Providers” for our Services. 

 Interested companies are asked to contact
Thinus Lindeque on 010 010 7588 / thinus@e-cloud.co.za

e-CCN Website and Social Media Pages

We are continuously improving our social media presence. Please join us on these platforms to stay informed by viewing our website at www.e-cloud.co.za and by accessing our Social Media pages. View them by clicking on the icons below:

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CPD On-Demand®
e-CCN Document Access Service

New Channel Content Providers!!!

NEC Documents now available
SMME Contracts (available July 2024)

We are pleased to announce two new Document Access Service Channels that have been incorporated within our Document Access Service. These channels now contain additional Documents for Built Environment Projects.

Channel Name:  ECS NEC Document Access Service
Channel Owner: Engineering Contract Strategies (ECS)
Channel Content: NEC Contract Development & Administrative Templates

Channel Name: SMME Building Contracts Document Access Service
Channel Owner: The Built Environment Experts
Channel Content: English, Afrikaans, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu language versions of:

  • Small Medium Micro Enterprise Building Works Contract – managed by employer
  • Small Medium Micro Enterprise Building Works Contract – managed by contractor development agent
  • Small Medium Micro Enterprise Building Works Contract – managed by principal agent 
  • Housing Construction Works Contract – 2017

More news on these new Channels will be disseminated to our Registered Users via email.

New Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant Facility


A powerful AI facility is now available that allows users to ask questions and interrogate AI when completing a Document, for clarity of usage. Questions like “what is clause 12.0?”, or “what is the procedure for the contractor to terminate?”

New .pdf facilities


New Text Editing Facility
Users can now bolden, italicize or underline text within certain completion fields.

“Add Comments” (Sticky Notes) within a Document
Attach sticky notes to any part of the Document and request comment to each, via an e-mail request from within the document.

“Add pages” to the Document
Add pages to a .pdf Document such as Annexures.

Please note that in order to use the Adobe Tools “Add Comments / Sticky Notes” and the “Add Pages” facilities, Users need to download the document, if they wish to save the Comments, as they will not be saved and stored online.


We are continuously improving our facilities within this subscription service. Click here to subscribe

New Document Security Facility

We have recently implemented additional security features to ensure that the Document copyright holders will be aware of any potential breaches to their Document security.

New “View Online Only” PROCSA Reference Documents

We have recently introduced a new facility that provides ‘Reference Documents’ for online viewing only in Flipbook format.

e-CCN CPD On-Demand Service

A new initiative is being planned by SAIA in enhancing the ‘Study Aid’ content of the CPD On-Demand Architectural Service.

Obtain your ECSA/SACAP/SACPCMP Credits online 24/7, in your own time, on CPD On-Demand. Click on the CPD On-Demand image above to get started. 

e-CCN Webinars On-Demand Service

Financially viable online events

This Service is offered to Voluntary Associations / Institutes and other training organisations to hold online CPD Webinars or online Workshops using our unique online Booking, Payment and Invoicing System.

Organisations interested in this Service are asked to contact:

Tjaart Kruger   010 010 7588 / tjaart@e-cloud.co.za

Forthcoming Webinars (Zoom)

NEC Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) 3 & 4

JBCC Agreements/Contracts 2018/2020

e-CCN Digital Promotion Service

New promotion opportunities!!!

A4 Interactive page promotion

A4 Interactive page placement opportunities for your A4 Interactive (Advert) page within Contract/Agreement documents are now available within the newly listed NEC Documents and within the SMME Contract Documents.

Inter-Active Banner placement

Banner placements on the NEC Channel are available. These banners are Inter-Active enabling users of the Documents to link through to your website and contact you directly. 

Channel Sponsorship

We are seeking sponsors for the NEC, PROCSA and SMME Building Contracts Document Access Service Channels. For the sponsorship of these channels the sponsor will in return receive exclusive promotion with a combination of promotion products such as being featured via  A4 Interactive pages in the Agreement/Contract Documents available on these Channels.

Contact Thinus Lindeque on 010 015 0431 / thinus@e-cloud.co.za

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For further enquiries, please contact Thinus Lindeque on: 

Tel: 010 010 7588
Email: thinus@e-cloud.co.za